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Coogee Campus



At Young Explorers Coogee Campus, we've fostered a welcoming and nurturing environment that forms the heart of our strong connections with both children and their families.

Creating Lasting Memories

Our aim at Young Explorers Coogee is to craft enduring memories for every child that will remain cherished for years to come. We achieve this by weaving distinctive and purposeful magical moments throughout our learning program.

Delightful & Nutritious Meals

Young Explorers Coogee Campus takes pride in serving delectable, nutritionally balanced meals prepared by our skilled in-house chef. Each dish not only tantalizes young taste buds but also offers optimal nourishment for your young champions.

Embracing the Curiosity Approach

Central to our curriculum is the Curiosity Approach, designed to ignite a passion for learning. We empower children to explore, ask questions, and independently seek knowledge, harnessing their innate curiosity and setting them on a path to become lifelong learners.

Versatile Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Our indoor learning environments encompass four well-equipped rooms, catering to children from 0 to five years of age. Additionally, our outdoor learning area is thoughtfully divided into three distinct spaces, each tailored to the specific needs of different age groups.

child care perth, childcare, perth, best childcare in perth

Seed2Plate Program

Our Seed to Plate program focuses on the values of sustainability, using nature as a resource, and nurturing nature to introduce children to the entire cycle of food whilst increasing nutritional awareness and skills that will serve them for a lifetime and empower them to make healthy food options and care for the environment.

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child care perth, childcare, perth, best childcare in perth

Operating hours

Monday - Friday | 7:00 am - 6:00 pm


52/56 Entrance Rd, Spearwood WA 6163

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